Top Speed Reading

{February 26, 2008}   What Causes Slow Reading?

water-lilies.jpg 1- Reading word per word

2- Longer time in reading chunks of words

3- Eyes going back to a word or sentence previously read

4- Unable to recognize and respond immediately to the material

5- Slow vocalization and comprehension

6- Incorrect eye movements and regression

7-Slow reading habits do to past reading experiences

8-Inattentiveness and absent-mindedness during reading

9-Lack of practice and interest in reading

10- Spending alot of time on individual words to be able to sustain comprehension

11- Poor recognition of important and unimportant things

12- Remembering everything rather than selectively       

              Tips for increasing reading rate

1-Improve your vocabulary. Expose yourself with new words so when you encounter them, you won’t spend more time figuring out what they mean.

2-Know your reading purpose. For main ideas only, skimming the material is already enough.

3-Read faster by reading with the mind instead of the lips.

4-Read more! Take 15 minutes of your time a day reading an average sized novel, magazines, or other books.

5-Every day, increase your reading rate by reading faster(about 2-3 times faster) than your normal speed.

6-If reading concentration is poor, practice reading for 5-10 minutes only at a time. Gradually increase this rate over time.


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